About the Soap Cellar

Experience the Scent of Aloha

Nestled in the charming surf haven of Hale’iwa since 2001, The Soap Cellar has served the local North Shore community and its visitors with nourishing, healthful and healing soap bars.

All of our Soaps are lovingly hand-crafted in the store 

From our specialty cold-processed bars to our fun and fragrant glycerin creations, every one of our soaps is hand-made with love and attention, right here in the store. These soaps are perfect for the health-conscious individual seeking a natural, handmade soap to nurture and care for their skin.


Our all-natural specialty soap collections are formulated using the art and science of aromatherapeutic ingredients, to benefit all skin types and concerns.  

Each soap collection is crafted from a recipe created by Lori herself, designed to address specific skin concerns – from acne to eczema to redness and more. Each bar contains intentionally blended herbs,  plants and fruits to help heal the skin whilst they cleanse, nourish, protect and restore your skin’s natural health, glow and radiance.




Crafted with top-tier ingredients and infused with island fragrances, they evoke the spirit of Hawaii, leaving your skin irresistibly soft. Perfect for those seeking a touch of tropical luxury in their daily routine.

We believe in the transformative potential of Essential Oils

Our mission is to embrace the power of Mother Nature through the art of essential oil-infused and fragrance soap blends and natural products. We are committed to crafting products that not only cleanse, but also address skin issues and uplift and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. 

By carefully selecting natural ingredients, fragrances and essential oils renowned for their therapeutic properties, we aim to deliver an experience that promotes wellness and balance.

Beyond the World of Soap

Alongside our internationally acclaimed soaps, bath salts, and spritzers, explore our treasure trove of Candles, Bath and Body Products, Essential Oils, Artwork, Jewelry, antiques, and eco-friendly gems. 

Do you have a custom request for a special soap blend or candle creation? Or are you interested in collaborating with us as a private label? Pop into our store, message us on Instagram or drop us a line at lsoyland9@gmail.com and we’ll do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

 Come for the aromas, stay for the experience. Aloha awaits! 🌺✨